Saturday, July 13, 2024


DIGIPRIDE is back for a 2024 season which runs from May 20th through to the end of June on Gayming Magazine, Twitch, TikTok and more!

Events include special episodes of Let’s Go Gayming, the Gayming Podcast and other special streamed events. New for this year, there will also be two physical events taking place at the RedBull Gaming Sphere in London for Pride in June.

All this plus exclusive ‘money can’t buy’ competitions, reviews, features and interviews here on Gayming Magazine. 

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DIGIPRIDE is proudly presented by Jyamma Games and sponsored by Devolver Digital & Wizards of the Coast.

Virtual Events

All live streams will take place on Gayming Magazine’s Twitch channel, with some of the live streams also taking place on TikTok. Clips of the shows will be on our TikTok and all our shows in full will be shared on our YouTube channel a few days later.

All streamed shows start at 4pm ET, 1pm PT & 9pm UK, unless stated otherwise.

Tues May 21Let’s Go Gayming for DIGIPRIDE – Gayming Awards Indie Round-up
Mia is joined by Toph to play the six nominees for Best LGBTQ Indie Award at this year’s Gayming Awards.
Sun May 26Gayming Podcast – History of Queer Gaming
Mia and Robin are joined by special guest Cody Mejeur to talk about the history of LGBTQ gaming.
Tues May 28Let’s Go Gayming for DIGIPRIDE – Enotria Hands-On
Mia is joined by Captain Dandyfloss to get hands-on with Enotria from Jyamma Games.
Sun June 2Gayming Podcast – Queering Up Esports
Mia is joined Emzii, Kylie Gabor and BB Kyle to discuss the queering up the world of esports.
Fri June 7Let’s Go Gayming for DIGIPRIDE – Pride in The Sims
Mia is joined by SpringSims to explore Pride in The Sims!
Sat June 8DIGIPRIDE House Party for Palestine
Mia is joined by CeeDub, Eevoh, Radderss and Sheilur to have a wild night of game play and fun raising money for Medical Aid for Palestinians.
Sun June 9Gayming Podcast – Exploring the LGBTQ European Games Industry
Mia and Robin are joined by special guests Nathalie Galla (Godot Foundation & Content Creator) and Rox (Jyamma Games) to talk about being queer in the European Games Industry
Tues June 11Let’s Go Gayming for DIGIPRIDE – Enotria Hands-On 2
Mia get hands-on with Enotria again with the help of returning Captain Dandyfloss and this time, they are joined by a developer from Jyamma Games to help get more in-depth.
Sun June 16Gayming Podcast – 50 Years of Dungeons & Dragons
Mia is joined by AwkwardishPanda, UrbanBohemian and JustRyan to share their love of D&D in its 50th Anniversary year.
Wed June 19Juneteenth Special Stream
DIGIPRIDE marks Juneteenth with a special stream by Black Girl Gamers.
Sun June 23Gayming Podcast – Rising Stars of Streaming
Mia is joined by the Gayming Awards LGBTQ Streamer Rising Star Class of 2024 to celebrate their win and talk about their careers to date.
Tues June 25Gayming Awards 2024
Wed June 26Let’s Go Gayming for DIGIPRIDE – The Crush House Hands-On
Mia is joined by Drag Trashly to get hands-on with The Crush House from Devolver Digital.
Sun June 30Gayming Podcast – Chaotically Queer Games
Mia is joined by special guests CtrlAltQuin and CeeDub to talk about our favorite chaotic games, sponsored by Devolver Digital.

Live Events

New for 2024, we’re coming to London! Check out the details of our two live events taking place at the RedBull Gaming Sphere below. Tickets will be released in early June are limited to just 150 people, so make sure you grab them fast!

Each event runs from 6pm to 11pm and features 90 minutes of a live streamed show and then an after party with free drinks all night!

Live streams from each of the shows will be broadcast on Twitch and clips will be available on TikTok after the show.

Thursday, July 25th – DIGIPRIDE Live in London: Enotria Mas-queer-ade Ball

Step into a night of celebration as we blend the elegance of an Italian masquerade with the thrilling entertainment of a live gaming event! Don’t miss an unforgettable evening to express yourself in a welcoming, inclusive sober space celebrating LGBTQ+ gamers. Dress to impress in your best masquerade mask and you could be taking home some cool prizes!

DIGIPRIDE Live in London is an exciting new format featuring a 90 minute live broadcast interactive show with panel talks, interviews, gameplay and more. Stick around for the after party with music and over 20 gaming rigs available featuring Enotria and other party favourites.

Joining the DIGIPRIDE Live in London: Enotria Mas-queer-ade Ball is Italian pop artist and Pride’s Got Talent winner, Andrea Di Giovanni. Over the years their music has featured on TV shows and has been championed by the likes of Billboard and Vanity Fair. We’re excited for them to bring their powerful vocals and energetic performances from the main stages across Europe to the Red Bull Gaming Sphere.

IG @andreadigiovanni | X @andreadgiovanni | TikTok @adigiovannimusic  

Ticket includes:

  • A hands on experience with Enotria
  • Prizes for your most EXTRAVAGANT mask!
  • A special performance from Andrea Di Giovanni
  • Free drinks provided by Red Bull all night (multiple flavours and low sugar available)


Friday, August 9th – DIGIPRIDE Live in London: The Crush House Launch Party

DIGIPRIDE Live in London is rewinding time for the The Crush House Launch Party, sponsored by Devolver!

DIGIPRIDE Live in London is an exciting new format featuring a 90 minute live broadcast interactive show with panel talks, interviews, gameplay and more. Dust off your dungarees, neon windbreakers, and platform shoes for an unforgettable nostalgic 90’s night in this inclusive sober space celebrating LGBTQ+ gamers. Enjoy a stacked catalogue of Devolver games including their new game The Crush House on over 20 gaming rigs, exclusive giveaways, and an after party with all your favourite hit throwbacks.

Ticket includes:

  • Get hands on with The Crush House and a catalogue of Devolver games
  • Exclusive Devolver giveaways
  • Meet The Crush House development team
  • Free drinks provided by Red Bull all night (multiple flavours and low sugar available)



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