Friday, June 21, 2024

Minecraft creators build a Pride Village for It Gets Better: A Digital Pride Experience

It Gets Better, the world’s largest storytelling effort to empower LGBTQ+ youth, today kicks off Pride Village, a multi-day fundraising event celebrated in Minecraft.

Pride Village is an eight-day-long relay event that brings together more than 35 content creators plus a huge community to celebrate pride. The relay runs through June 13 across various Twitch channels and will raise critical funds to support It Gets Better’s efforts to uplift and empower queer youth.

The relay culminates in the public unveiling of a virtual space for LGBTQ+ youth to connect with community on the official It Gets Better Twitch channel.

Pride Village is part of the fifth annual It Gets Better: A Digital Pride Experience, which will feature Pride-themed streams on It Gets Better’s Twitch channel throughout the month.

All Digital Pride activations will also serve as a fundraiser to support It Gets Better, and all funds raised up to $50,000 throughout Pride Month will be matched by a donation from e.l.f. Cosmetics.

“Digital streaming platforms like Twitch are vital lifelines for LGBTQ+ youth, offering inclusive and affirming spaces to find community, which is so important to our work at It Gets Better, ” said Brian Wenke, Executive Director of It Gets Better. “The Pride Village Minecraft relay presents a unique opportunity to experience what Pride means to content creators all over the world, and ultimately, offer LGBTQ+ youth a lasting digital world they can visit anytime.”

For the last five years, It Gets Better: A Digital Pride Experience has offered LGBTQ+ youth who may not have the opportunity to celebrate Pride in person a safe space to gather with community.

With more than double the amount of LGBTQ+ youth spending time on Twitch than their cishet peers and four in ten LGBTQ+ youth saying they prefer social media to in-person communication, “Pride Village” is an opportunity for LGBTQ+ youth to be loud and be proud.

The Pride Village relay was created in collaboration with Carper Creative and kicks off today with all the streams listed below. 

Visit for a full schedule of streams. To support the fundraiser, visit It Gets Better’s official Tiltify fundraiser.

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