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FanRoll Dice are Rolling with Pride

FanRoll Dice, purveyors of dice sets made of metal and other high quality materials including gemstones and acrylic, have released a Rolling with Pride range ready for Pride Month with donations going to Tabletop Gaymers.

The creation of the Pride Dice Trays and Pride Silicone Dice, in partnership with Tabletop Gaymers, was a commitment to create something that was not only functional, but meaningful. Each tray features a flag from the LGBTQ+ spectrum and the dice sets are representative of the LGBTQ+ community and compliment the trays beautifully.

Tabletop Gaymers are an organization committed to promoting diversity and inclusion by championing the visibility and recognition of the LGBTQIA+ community through tabletop gaming. Their work in events, outreach, and advocacy has created an environment where everyone can be their authentic selves, united by the love of gaming.

I was able to chat with FanRoll Dice‘s owner, Neal Hoffman, about his journey into making these awesome products.

Robin: Thanks for joining me Neal, tell me how you got into making dice?!

Neal: I definitely have a case of Peter Pan syndrome and not wanting to grow up. As an adult, I decided I wanted to make toys for a living and went back to school to get my MBA with the sole objective of getting a job at Hasbro. I worked at Hasbro for six years and then moved to Cincinnati with my family where I started my own toy company – The Mensch on a Bench. Then two years ago, a friend of mine told me that a company called Metallic Dice Games was for sale. I wanted a new challenge, so I decided to “roll the dice” on a new venture.   

I planned to take a commodity product and dial-up innovation and branding like in the toy industry. In the past year, we have announced deals with Paizo, Hasbro and Wizards of the Coast, and are now focused on making every product unique. As a fanboy myself, I know that fans can tell the difference between a label slap and a labor of love!

Your dice come in a range of materials from metal to silicone, other than material choice, what are the key differences between having dice of different types?

I love that we are playing with expressions where we vary the size and material of the dice. We can make minis vs megas or metal vs silicone and can put so many different objects inside the dice. For example, my favorite item released this year is our mega Goblin dice where we put a Goblin head in a tennis ball-sized dice in honor of Pathfinder.

You have made some amazing LGBTQ+ designs for Rolling with Pride, why is that important to you?

One thing I noticed right away at my first GenCon was the sheer number and passion of the Gayming community. As we started testing new printed colors on trays and new colors of silicone dice, I thought there could be an opportunity to tie this in with the different LGBTQ+ flags.

My concern was to ensure we approached our work the right way, and not to pander or insult the community. I called the non-profit Tabletop Gaymers and asked for their advice and they were incredible – both engaging and passionate about helping us. We decided to donate a portion of the proceeds back to this organization to support a positive force for change in the community.

You have some new game partnerships & brand tie-ups coming up soon,  what can you share with us?

We recently announced Dungeons and Dragons, HeroQuest, Monopoly, Pathfinder, and Tales of the Valiant and that is just the tip of the iceberg. We have two new partnerships debuting at GenCon and are always looking for more!

What’s the next event you’re at where fans can meet you and the team?

Next is GenCon, where we will have 3 exclusive items for sale that we created just for the event. We have three booths and are bringing 12 people, which is a huge endeavor for a small company like ours. We love talking with fans, so we welcome anyone to stop by and talk shop!

Last up, what is your favorite tabletop game?

I love Settlers of CATAN! I have two sons who have grown up playing the game and I love how it brings us together. I had the opportunity to meet the Teuber family at New York Comic Con and was inspired by their passion and vision. They have done an incredible job growing and nurturing their fan base and my dream is to create some amazing products for them!

Follow FanRoll Dice for more information, they’re @fanrolldice on all socials.

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