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10 of the best video game daddies

Father’s Day is here so we thought it’s a good opportunity to round up 10 of the best/hottest video game daddies!

Our list comes from a wide selection of games and all of them exude BDE – Big Daddy Energy.

Who did we miss? Let us know your favorite video game daddies in the comments and we might do a second daddy round up.

In alphabetical order, as we don’t want to rank these daddies… well maybe we do, but for fairness let’s do alphabetical order, here we go:

Barret Wallace – Final Fantasy VII

The first true father figure of the FFVII series, who wouldn’t want to be cuddled in those arms?!

Big Daddy – Bioshock

Big Daddy is the true definition of Big Daddy Energy as it’s literally in his name! Plus you know that drill can do some damage.

Bode Akuna – Jedi: Survivor

The former Jedi Knight who went into hiding during the Great Jedi Purge has galactic Big Daddy Energy.

Bowser – Nintendo

The studded leather loving turtle daddy is someone you know is going to be rough on you while screaming Big Daddy Energy!

Brian Harding – Dream Daddy: A Dad Dating Simulator

Our favorite Daddy from Dream Daddy, Brian is competitive and a dog lover. You know he’s a keeper and has good Big Daddy Energy!

Joel – The Last Of Us

Gruff, bearded and good in an apocalypse. Struggles with morality, but can be very loyal and is striving to put things right.

Kazuya Mishima – Tekken

Kazuya’s idea of being a fatherly role model is to abandon his son and attempt to kill him later… Ah we love Father’s Day!

Kratos – God of War

Beard, muscles and leather… the epitome of Big Daddy Energy!

Rost – Horizon Zero Dawn

Aloy’s adoptive father who again sports an amazing beard and hair style that just screams Big Daddy Energy.

Who did we miss? Let us know your favorite video game daddies in the comments!

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