Friday, June 21, 2024
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Queer Games Bundle back for fourth year

The fourth annual Queer Games Bundle is out now! The grassroots arts funding project has a siginificant impact on queer lives and has earned over $500,000 for queer creators since its inception.

This year’s Queer Games Bundle features over 270 creators from all walks of life who want the chance to continue to make their art. Together they have brought together 489 video games, tabletop games, zines, albums, and asset packs, all for the bargain price of just $60.

From visual novels and RPGs, to platformers and puzzles, this years bundle has it all!

Become a shopkeeper, parent to a mushroom child, or a cow on a farm. Fight your friends, spray paint city walls, and go fishing for boyfriends. The bundle also has dozens of tabletop games for groups of all sizes, ranging from collaborative storytelling to crunchy combat.

There are game developers who are disabled, have lost a job, or have put all of their hopes into making a game. For some of these people, this will be their only source of income for months or even the year. Others work part or full time, but dream of saving money, learning new tools, and having more options. And some developers have donated their work to help lift up fellow queer artists.

All of this for just $60. Get over to now to find out more about the bundle here:

There’s also a pay what you can version here:

The Queer Games Bundle is a sure fire way to get funds directly to those who need it, in exchange for art that covers almost every genre and interest.

All of these people want a better future and the opportunity to make a living as developers. The proceeds from the bundle are split evenly among all participants who choose to receive funding.

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