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Fortnite launches customizable ‘Let Them Know’ skins alongside controversial Qatar World Cup

This year, Fortnite released a set of skins called “Let Them Know,” themed around soccer/football that are fully customizable when it comes to the colors in conjunction with the 2022 FIFA World Cup in Qatar. There is no World Cup or UEFA branding attached to these cosmetics, but considering the timing, and the fact that all of the outfits look like soccer jerseys and other soccer paraphernalia, it seems clear what the skins are for.

The World Cup in Qatar has been extremely controversial due to the country’s recent issues with migrant workers’ rights, LGBTQ+ rights, the astronomical price tag of building necessary facilities for the tournament, and a global corruption scandal. Fortnite has had previous associations with professional soccer and its governing bodies, including Epic Games licensing the likenesses of England’s Harry Kane and Germany’s Marco Reus and hosting an in-game UEFA Euro 2020 Cup to celebrate the delayed real-life 2020 Euro Cup.

The “Let Them Know,” skin line, however, is not officially connected to any FIFA or UEFA branding. Instead, it features clothing items we’d typically associate with soccer, like shirts, jerseys, and scarves. These are all highly customizable when it comes to the color scheme, right down to the boots your avatar is wearing and the zipper on their jacket.

“Let them know! Specifically, let the squad know what you’re all about,” Epic Games said about the line of cosmetic items. “The upcoming Let Them Know Set includes 10 Outfits based on the beautiful game, all of which you can personalize with multiple patterns and colors. Personalize your outfit to a look that’s uniquely you.”

This color customization makes it possible for players to put their soccer-themed Fortnite avatars into Pride flag colors. In the blog post where the set was announced, one character is wearing a shirt that features the colors of the bisexual Pride flag. Eurogamer’s Tom Phillips was also able to customize one of his avatars with a more standard rainbow Pride fit.

Fortnite has previously celebrated Pride with its players with the Rainbow Royale event, and also introduced transgender DC superhero Dreamer as a playable skin.

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