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Fortnite to add trans DC superhero Dreamer in future update

Leaks have confirmed that Dreamer, the first trans DC superhero to appear on television via CW’s Supergirl back in 2018, is coming to Fortnite.

It was only a short while ago that Fortnite added legendary anime heroes like Goku and Bulma from Dragon Ball Z, but with these leaks? It looks like the hype train has only just begun.

The leaks come from Twitter users HYPEX and ShiinaBR, who has looked into the game’s files to see what new things will be coming to the popular battle royale. Not only will there be new emotes and skins, but sprays and weapon cosmetics, as well. One such addition is the Jiggle Jiggle, slated to come to the game during season 4.

As for Dreamer, she has been leaked alongside several other skins, the biggest reveals being that of Ikora Rey, Exo Stranger, and Commander Zavala – all significant characters from Destiny. It has not been revealed when these characters will come to the item store, though it has been speculated the Dreamer skin will debut during Season 4.

Dreamer is a significant addition to the battle royale game, but her importance goes beyond Fortnite. A descendant of Dream Girl, a member of the Legion of Super-Heroes introduced back in the 1960s, Dreamer has the power to see into the future, as well as astral projection. We’re not quite sure how that’s going to fit into Fortnite – if it will at all – but the addition of a trans superhero? We’re not going to complain!

Since her arrival on television back in 2018, Dreamer has quickly become a fan-favourite among the LGBTQ community. She made her official debut into comics back in 2021 through DC’s Pride Anthology. She’s also set to receive her own graphic novel, with Supergirl’s Dreamer actress Nicole Maines as the writer.

Speaking to Buzzfeed, Maines said that they’d become “drunk on my own power” in getting to write the graphic novel, as well as act as her in Supergirl. “I’m kind of like, “I AM DREAMER.” I keep having to remind myself I am not actually a superhero in real life. I said I love Dreamer’s superpowers, and with the comic, I’ve maybe sprinkled in a few new things in there for fun. I’m having such a blast. Although I’m worried I may have made her a “Mary Sue.” But you know what? Superman has super strength, super speed, heat vision, X-ray vision, frost breath, super hearing, invulnerability, he can survive in space, he can fly, and he’s bulletproof, so I don’t care. Trans folks have one person, so Dreamer can do whatever she wants.”

And now Dreamer is coming to Fortnite. LGBTQ+ community stays winning, always.

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