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Riot Games partners with Porter Robinson for Star Guardian event

On Thursday, Riot Games’ Star Guardian event went live in League of Legends, Legends of Runeterra, and League of Legends: Wild Rift. To help celebrate the event, Riot Games partnered with legendary musician Porter Robinson to create its theme song, “Everything Goes On.”

The Star Guardian event is Riot Games’ tribute to the magical girl (mahō shōjo) genre of anime and mangaka. The most popular touchstone for this genre would probably be Sailor Moon, but the genre is much larger than that singular series. Staples of the genre include sparkly transformations, building positive and supportive relationships between young women, and the power of authentically being yourself.

“Like the inspirations that came before it, Star Guardian is a vibrant alternative universe that centers
on a young cast of champions who navigate school relationships by day and the responsibilities of
magical warriors by night,” Riot said in a press release.

“For our most active/engaged players & fans of Star Guardian, this is a much-missed return of a beloved
thematic and an opportunity to demonstrate our investment in an underserved community of players. Star Guardian also brings an opportunity to build fandom and loyalty amongst non-players (i.e. anime fans and female gamers) and showcase Riot’s innovation in different mediums, collaborations, and pop culture spaces.”

Other aspects of the event include the Star Guardian Taliyah skin – the proceeds of which will go towards Riot’s Social Impact Fund through August – and the Sessions: Star Guardian Taliyah lo-fi concept album.

North Carolina-based producer and songwriter Porter Robinson collaborated with Riot Games to create the theme song for this event, “Everything Goes On.”

“One of my favorite things in the world is the combination of music and animation. Something about a
quick series of shots of beloved characters and these little slices of life in dramatic moments cut to
emotionally intense music, just gets me every time,” Robinson said about the inspiration for this song.

“The idea that I had was when you take the oath to become a Star Guardian, you get to live this life as this hero, but everybody that knew you before will forget about you. I wrote the lyrics with the perspective of the last night together and focusing on the tragedy of that. Fiction plays such an important part in people’s everyday lives. The stories that we tell ourselves and the stories that we bear witness to inform the way that we see the world, and I think that ultimately, this song ended up becoming this synthesis of sad story scenarios and what I was going through in real life.”

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