Tuesday, May 28, 2024

Sessions: Star Guardian Taliyah is out now

On Monday, Riot Games Music released the latest album in its Sessions series, Sessions: Star Guardian Taliyah. The whole album is focused on the League of Legends mage and her Sailor Moon-esque Star Guardian persona.

To this end, the video for the album, which has a one hour and 34 minute run time, is animated with a style reminiscent of 90’s anime. Like Sessions: Vi, it’s a lo-fi album, but has a boppy, poppy feel to it that syncs well with the storyline of the record. Taliyah is enjoying a day off at the mall, but Fiddlesticks is trying to distract her from her duties and lure her into “a world of daydreams and nicemares.”

Riot Games Music has made quite an impact on video game music and music inspired by video games in the past few years. The studio has used its Runeterra universe to create multiple virtual music groups, like heavy metal band Pentakill and K-pop girl group K/DA. Beyond that, the studio has created concept albums based on characters from this universe, including Vi, Diana, and now Taliyah as the Star Guardian. The Sessions albums are creator-safe music collections, so streamers and content creators can use them without fear of copyright strikes.

The Sessions: Star Guardian Taliyah album is actually Riot’s second big promotion of the magical girl version of this character. At the end of June, the company announced that all proceeds from the sale of the Star Guardian skin through August 29 would go to its social impact fund. Riot’s social impact fund is a separate entity that the company uses to invest in initiatives to further its areas of focus: citizenship, education, and opportunity. These goals seem fitting for a Star Guardian, so it’s no wonder Taliyah was chosen as the representative for this initiative.

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