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Riot will donate all proceeds from Star Guardian Taliyah skin to Social Impact Fund

On Monday, Riot Games announced the Star Guardian Taliyah skin for League of Legends, adding that it would be donating all proceeds from the skin through August 29 to its Social Impact Fund.

Riot Games’ Social Impact Fund was created in 2019 as a way for the gaming giant to “make direct investments into a variety of global organizations aimed at solving some of the world’s most pressing issues,” via a “philanthropic venture fund.”

“This Social Impact Fund is our grown-up effort to take our collective impact to the next level and accelerate human progress,” Riot said in its blog post about the fund.

“Through corporate social responsibility, we hope to help build a more positive world for the players and our communities. To do this, we focus on creating equal access to education and skills development and the promotion of positive citizenship in our communities.”

In practice, Riot’s Social Impact Fund is a separate entity from the company itself, and is structured in a way where it has to be used to pursue “positive social impact” in its areas of focus, which include citizenship, education, and opportunity. The Riot Games Social Impact Fund has donated over $7 million to global COVID-19 relief, and has partnered with organizations like Make-A-Wish, Girls Who Code, and the International Medical Corps.

Since its creation, all in-game fundraisers within Riot’s titles have gone towards the Social Impact Fund. This latest one with the Taliyah Star Guardian skin is no different. In League of Legends, Taliyah is an older teen mage who’s trying to manage her responsibilities. Also called “The Stoneweaver,” Taliyah is considered to be a moderate level difficulty Legend. As a mage, the Star Guardian skin’s magical girl remix makes sense for Taliyah’s character. This skin has her decked out in a pink school uniform and pigtails, reminiscent of Sailor Moon.

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