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Life is Strange: True Colors Guide — How to Romance Ryan and earn his trust

Life is Strange: True Colors gives players a lot of choices that determine how Alex’s time in Haven is spent. One such choice is who Alex can romance, and thankfully Life is Strange: True Colors provides by giving you two options: Steph or Ryan

Players can choose to have Alex romance Ryan or Steph as she approaches some big choices. There are some smaller choices and actions that can impact Alex’s relationship and lead to some additional interactions, though with Ryan there’s the added worry of having to earn his complete trust. Unlike Steph, players looking to romance Ryan will have to make sure they follow this

In order to have Alex romance Ryan in Life is Strange: True Colors, there are two major actions players must take.  

At the Haven Spring Festival, make sure Alex gives Ryan a rose. This can be done after you’re finished exploring and talking with Steph and Ryan. Make your way to the cart with the roses and interact with it before heading back over to Ryan. 

Alex can then give Ryan a rose, which will lead to a rooftop invitation. Later, when up on the rooftop with Ryan, players just need to choose a kiss over a hug to lock in a romance with Ryan. 

To unlock additional moments and interactions with Ryan, make sure to check MyBlock frequently and choose decisions that Ryan will connect with. It’s also a good idea to use Alex’s powers on Ryan whenever possible. These will provide insights to Alex that will help strengthen when bonding with Ryan. 

Life is Strange: True Colors Ryan Romance Guide — How to Earn Ryan’s Trust

In Chapter 5, Alex is put in a difficult position and needs the support of a few Haven residents, including Ryan. Steph will side with Alex no matter what but Ryan is a little difficult. Maybe it’s just a reflection of how much it means to Ryan when he places his support in someone. 

Regardless, there are several things that Alex needs to do in order to fully earn Ryan’s support and secure his vote when she needs it the most. 

In Chapter 1, when Ryan asks Alex which wire he should touch, you must say “Red Wire.” This is an OPTIONAL conversation prompt so make sure you’re waiting for it when Alex and Ryan are searching for Ethan in the building without power.

In Chapter 2, support Ryan when he says Alex heard Gabe call Typhon to stop the detonation. This is a lie and so it may not be the obvious choice but Alex is also backing up Ryan in a tight spot. 

In Chapter 2, make sure to hug Ryan when given the choice between a hug or a handshake. This is after Alex tells Ryan about her empath powers. Many players may naturally choose a hug anyway since this is after such an intense conversation, but make a note and don’t forget! 

In Chapter 3, make sure Alex doesn’t react in anger in front of Ryan and Steph. If Alex does then they will both leave. This means you can’t take away Charlotte’s anger. It can be easy to miss this, since some players will want to try to help Charlotte. But the best thing to do is let Charlotte embrace her feelings, rather than take them away from her.

In Chapter 5, when Alex is speaking with Ryan, make sure to choose “You believe me, right?” to lock in his support. This makes him feel more comfortable and is better since Alex isn’t making him feel like he has to support her.

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