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Life is Strange: Wavelengths could include Chloe and Rachel

Life is Strange: True Colors has been met with an incredible amount of positivity from both games critics and fans alike. We called the game ‘the best one yet’, and it has received its fair share of high scores and loving reviews. Deck Nine clearly have another hit on their hands outside of the foray it took with Rachel Amber and Chloe Price back in Life is Strange: Before the Storm, and now it’s only a couple more weeks until we can play the new spin-off, Life is Strange: Wavelengths.

But it seems there’s a lot more to get excited about for the future too, and we’re not just talking about the awesome clothing collection that’s set to come to Insert Coin sometime this year.

Oh no, not at all. We’re talking about the potential of possibly seeing fan-favourite characters Chloe Price and Rachel Amber in Life is Strange: Wavelengths. This may seem impossible, and it’s highly likely it could be just that, but the reason for us thinking so was revealed during the end credits of Life is Strange: True Colors.

As you can see from the video below, Chloe and Rachel’s voice actors (Rhianna Devries and Kylie Brown) from Life is Strange: Before the Storm make an appearance in the end credits. Alongside them are returning characters from True Colors, such as Gabe Chen (Han Soto), Duckie (Jim Hunt) and Valkyrie (Suzu the Cat). Though in all honesty, it’s the return of Steph’s D&D pal Mikey North that has us just as excited as he too was a favourite among players of the prequel game.

Now, this doesn’t mean that Chloe Price and Rachel Amber will have a huge role to play in the new DLC Wavelengths, and in reality, it could be just a few voice lines from the previous game that Deck Nine still wants to give credit for. That said…Speculation is perfectly healthy.

One thought is that, if Rachel ends up being alive in this DLC, is that the True Colors game takes place in the alternative universe where Rachel is alive and with Chloe and Max – making it possible for the three women to be alive and in the same place together. However, that wouldn’t explain the lack of Max in the credits unless Max hasn’t arrived yet and True Colors is set before that or it’s a surprise Deck Nine is trying to keep under wraps.

To be frank, we don’t know what the reason is but we’re excited to see what’s at stake for Steph (and maybe Chloe and Rachel) when Life is Strange: Wavelengths releases later this month, September 30th.

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