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Life is Strange: True Colors Guide — How to Romance Steph

Life is Strange: True Colors gives players a lot of choices that determine how Alex’s time in Haven is spent. One such choice is who Alex can romance, and thankfully Life is Strange: True Colors provides by giving you two options: Steph or Ryan. Players can also choose to remain by themselves, but let’s be honest, you’d not be on this guide if that was the case, right?

Alex has a lot of big choices to make, but in this guide we’ll tell you just how you’ll win the heart and mind of Haven Springs’ best (and only) DJ, Steph Gingrich. It isn’t hard to have a successful relationship with Steph, unlike a certain someone we know, but there are still some smaller choices and actions that can impact Alex’s relationship and lead to some additional interactions.

Most of the romantic interactions start in Episode 3, where players have to decide whether Alex must send over Steph or Ryan to distract Diane. Regardless of who you choose though, you’ll be able to show your interest in Steph during the LARP session. Remember to read her thoughts and feelings during this, as it’ll give you an idea of how Steph feels about Alex.

However, the true romance (outside of your casual flirting) starts in Episode 4. In order to have Alex romance Steph in Life is Strange: True Colors, there are two major actions players must take. 

At the Haven Spring Festival, make sure Alex gives Steph a rose. This can be done after you’re finished exploring and talking with Ryan and Steph. Make your way to the cart with the roses and interact with it before heading back over to Steph. 

Alex can then give Steph a rose which will lead to a rooftop invitation. Later when up on the rooftop with her, players just need to choose a kiss over a hug to lock in a romance in Steph. 

To unlock additional moments and interactions with Steph, make sure to check MyBlock frequently and choose decisions that Steph will connect with. 

It’s also a good idea to use Alex’s powers on Steph whenever possible. These will provide insights to Alex that will help strengthen when bonding with Steph. This applies to everyone really! Empathy is neat and will always help you get closer to people, in True Colors and in life. 

It should be noted that no matter what ending you choose, Steph will support your decision. There’s no failing Steph’s romance, because if anyone has your back, it’s Steph Gingrich.

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