Tuesday, March 5, 2024

Wizards of the Coast collabs with Mermaids for a DIGIPRIDE 2021 D&D charity stream

Last year we blew your minds with A Night to Remember, but now we’re even bigger because Gayming Magazine and Wizards of the Coast have teamed up with Mermaids, one of the UK’s leading LGBTQ+ charities, to produce a charity Dungeons & Dragons (D&D) stream and raise funds through the use of Tiltify. This will be part of Gayming Magazine’s DIGIPRIDE 2021 lineup, which Wizards of the Coast is officially sponsoring.

This one-shot adventure will be sure to keep you on your toes thanks to Dungeon Master Luyanda Unati Lewis-Nyawo (she/her), voice artist, actress and one-third of the diversity and inclusion-focused podcast, Three Black Halflings. She’s also joined by four folks that’ll make up her cast.

And what a cast it is, check out the full list below of who to expect to be leading the way in a queer adventure like no other!

  • Shaaba (she/her) – Shaaba is a creator with vlog, relationships, lifestyle, and music content. Her genuine and intimate insights of life make her a friend to all. Shaaba is also a doctoral researcher, exploring social media and its effects on need fulfilment, mental health, and wellbeing.

  • Jammi Dodger (he/him) – Jamie Raines is a doctoral researcher and transgender creator, known for his quintessential quirks and advocating LGBT+ rights, his YouTube channel offers topical content on trans awareness, relationships, fashion, travel, mental health, and lifestyle. His research on trans wellbeing also supports this. Promoting diversity, acceptance, and self-confidence, Shaaba and Jamie break stereotypes and inspire love and laughter within their community
  • Rowan Ellis (she/her) – Rowan Ellis creates video essays on YouTube about LGBTQ+ history, issues and pop culture. She is also the co-creator of Ruckus Retreat – a residential retreat that brings together creatives in the English countryside in non-COVID times. Her work has been covered in publications including Forbes, The Guardian, Teen Vogue, Elle UK, and BBC. 
  • Jason Okundaye (he/him) – Jason Okundaye writes essays, features, and profiles on politics and culture for publications such as the Guardian, the London Review of Books, British Vogue, GQ, Vice, Dazed, and i-D. He also co-curates the digital archive ‘Black and Gay, Back in the Day’ documenting Black LGBT life in Britain since the 1970s. His first book, Revolutionary Acts, a social history of Black gay men in Britain, will be published by Faber in spring 2024.
  • Charity Kase (she/her) – Charity Kase is London’s premier drag monster and creature creator. Focusing on subverting social beauty standards and turning fantasies into realities she is known for completing numerous daily drag challenges, completing a new look every day for up to 365 days consecutively.  The Guardian named her a “Deranged Star in the Making”. 

As fun as this all is, everyone must remember that Wizards of the Coast and these lovely folks are doing this for the Mermaids charity. Mermaids “is a UK-wide charity working to support transgender, non-binary and gender-diverse children, young people, their families and the professionals who support them since its inception in 1995.” For everyone you support doing this adventure, you’re also helping support transgender youth, too. And in reality, that’s the most important thing about this event. Be sure to

The event will be streamed simultaneously on Twitch and YouTube on Thursday, 19th August at 7PM BST.

Aimee Hart

[She/They] Aimee Hart is Editor-in-Chief of Gayming Magazine. She specializes in queer fandom, video games and tabletop, having started her career writing for numerous websites like The Verge, Polygon, Input Magazine and more. Her goal now is to boost LGBTQ+ voices in the video games industry.

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