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Get Ready for ‘A Night To Remember’ – Gayming Magazine’s D&D One-Shot

What do you get when you combine Gayming Magazine, D&D (Dungeons and Dragons), and charity? A Night to Remember!

Gayming Magazine have teamed up with LGBT17 and Lucid Games to put on a D&D one-shot during our last month of DIGIPRIDE 2020. Get ready to watch as our merry band play out their campaign on Monday 31 August at 7pm UK (2pm ET, 11am PT) on the Gayming Magazine YouTube channel.

Not only will we be using this one-shot to celebrate Pride, we’ll be using this opportunity to raise money and support two amazing charities. Please give what you can and we will split the proceeds 50/50 – head to to donate.

Colours Youth Network (UK)

Colours Youth Network supports young Black and people of colour who are lesbian, gay, bisexual, trans, queer, intersex (QTIBPOC) to explore and celebrate who they are through meaningful connections to other young people and a team of experienced QTIBPOC youth workers.

For The Gworls (USA)

For the Gworls Rent and Gender-Affirming Surgery Fund actively fights to reduce homelessness rates in the Black transgender community, as well as lower the risk for affirmative surgeries being done in ways that put them at greater health risks. 

Gayming Magazine’s D&D one-shot is officially called ‘A Night to Remember’ and will be hosted by deputy editor, Aimee Hart. She’s taken the time to write the adventure from scratch, and we’re overjoyed to have an adventure that has been specifically made for this event.

You can find the premise for the adventure, below:

“Nothing quite brings people together like a wedding – especially a royal one! The four of you, having connections to the Royal Family, have all been invited to the wedding, as well as the glamorous party the night before. You’ve been told there will be drinking, dancing and the chance to speak to the lucky man himself: Prince Ulfric. However, nothing is quite what it seems and the party the night before? It may well be your last.”

A Night to Remember

Aimee will be joined by four special guests.

Jay Castello – a freelance writer. They will be playing the role of local gay disaster Gwen Morwynn, a half-elf fighter.

Luke Bennett – PR for Indigo Pearl. He’ll be stealing your hearts (and your coin) as the gnome rogue, Grimble Griphook.

Izzy Jagan – Jr. Global PR Manager for Life is Strange. She’ll be raging against injustice as the elf barbarian, Lyra.

Sean Labode – Community Manager and Video Producer for Sold Out. He’ll be playing the loyal-to-a-fault Wray, the dwarf bard.

Huge thanks to our sponsors LGBT17 and Lucid Games for their support.

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