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Of course there’s a shirtless Ethan Winters mod for Resident Evil Village

Shirtless mods are so common. Every time I come across one when I browse through Nexus, it feels like I’m greeting an old friend, so of course I’m not surprised that there’s a shirtless Ethan Winters mod running around on there. It’s not even been a full month yet since Resident Evil Village came out, so fans are still – understandably – hyped about everything the game has to offer with its modding possibilities. And what better way to test that by checking out Ethan Winters nipples?

The mod comes from TrieuPham, but was uploaded by modder rt134 who has not only developed the shirtless Ethan Winters mod, but several other mods including the Dimitrescu daughters, Mia, Heisenberg, and yet another Ethan mod where the fella is…fully erect and alert! With that in mind, it should be obvious by now that the modder’s work is NSFW – hence why it can only be accessed via an account on Nexus Mods.

There’s been a barrage of amazing Resident Evil Village mods, some of which have made Lady Dimitrescu look like a suburban, wine-mom and put Chris Redfield’s face on little baby Rose. This mod doesn’t do anything quite as severe as that, but if you’re somehow running out of eye-candy in your playthrough – which doesn’t quite seem possible, but whatever – then this Ethan Winters mod will butter your crumpet in all the right ways.

But of course, some of you will obviously be wondering how on earth this mod is going to work considering that you never see the protagonist in third-person. Well, that’s why the modder has included a third-person add-on mod inside, too. This means that you can see the full glory of a shirtless Ethan as he runs around like a small, confused rabbit with his chest out in the open. That has to be someone’s exact fantasy, right?

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