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LGBT+ Streamers clap back at now banned trash Twitch Partner for transphobic and homophobic abuse

Twitch recently introduced a huge selection of different tags a little over two weeks ago, and it’s been a huge success. Unfortunately, some people – aka homophobic and transphobic trash – are more than likely using these tags to target people. This isn’t a surprise, Twitch does have transphobic people on its platforms and it doesn’t mean they should negate the tag, but this instance is particularly damning.

The now banned Twitch Partner, a streamer called Cribazz finally became a partner at Twitch on June 1st. The day after, he targeted drag streamer QueenNickiMirage’s stream alongside his chat, mouthing off homophobic and transphobic abuse alongside other gross, disparaging comments. Unfortunately for trashy Cribazz, drag queen icon Deere caught the event unfolding in front of their eyes, and posted on Twitter about it.

It wasn’t just Deere who clapped back against Cribazz however, a variety of different LGBT+ streamers surrounded and showed their support for QueenNickiMirage and spoke up against the abhorrent behaviour displayed by Cribazz.

“Absolutely disgusting,” said streamer and voice actor Negaoryx. “And coming from someone who just recently got partnered, it says a lot that he feels comfortable doing this without fear of repercussions. Please @twitch & @TwitchSupport, please enforce TOS and DO something about this.”

Streamer Dona Tarte also pointed out that the trash streamer didn’t just stick to streaming his transphobic waste, but also used TikTok to spread his absolute garbage.

Considering that it’s now Pride Month and Twitch have openly shown their support for the LGBT+ community on their official Twitter account, it’s an incredible poor look that they’ve made Cribazz a partner. Especially as this streamer seems to spend the majority of his time doing nothing but posting homophobic and transphobic abuse. It makes us, and the majority of the LGBT+ streamers who’ve clapped back against this behaviour, wonder how Cribazz earned partnership in the first place.

Currently Cribazz is banned for 7 days, but it doesn’t seem as though he is at all bothered by it. Considering his attitude, we hope that Twitch takes the initiative and remove his partnership – and account – altogether before he spreads more harm.

Source: PinkNews

Aimee Hart

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