Thursday, April 18, 2024
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Fall Guys 4.5 update leak reveals Nier, Tron and more

Fall Guys always has the wackiest skins. Personally, we’re still rocking the Murder by Numbers skin that was added a while back, but a new Fall Guys 4.5 update leak may just have us reaching into our piggy bank to grab some more crowns for that Nier skin.

You heard right. Thanks to YouTuber KrxnkyFG, we’ve got a pretty good idea on what skins we can expect to see in the Fall Guys update, such as 2B from Nier Automata, as well as what looks to be TRON suits from Tron and Tron Legacy.

The Fall Guys 2B skin from Nier Automata looks… a little cursed, but cute at the same time. It has 2B’s signature black blindfold over the eyes, as well as her dress (with what looks to be a boob window, just in case you want your bean to look stacked?) and white bob. She’s certainly a bean that we wouldn’t want to mess around with, just in case we get a sword to the eye.

Outside of Nier though, there’s also the TRON suits. There seems to be a pretty wide variety on these, with the main blackish-blue suit being available, as well as a few variants of grey-blue and grey-red suits from Tron Legacy. We don’t know the full name of these, as they’re only labelled Placeholder in the video, but they at least look interesting.

There is also a Bomberman skin involved in the leak. Players will recognize the white headpiece with the red fuse on top. It’s looking very nice.

Check out the YouTube video below to see what skins might be coming soon. As we all know, just because the game has those skins in there, doesn’t mean they’ll be appearing anytime soon. We can all hope, though.

In other news, it has been confirmed that the Switch and Xbox release for Fall Guys has been delayed indefinitely until the studio is happy that the game works effectively on both consoles. Sorry gamers.

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