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Gayming Live on Soho Radio

In addition to all the awesome things happening at Gayming Live (Mon 30 Sept – Sat 5 Oct), you can listen live to two hours of Gayming Live each day on Soho Radio!

Gayming Live will be broadcasting live on Soho Radio each day, Monday to Friday, with an amazing schedule of panels, interviews and features about the latest hot topics in LGBTQ video gaming.

Soho Radio is an online radio station broadcasting from the heart of London. Inspired by Soho’s vibrant and diverse culture, Soho Radio brings together musicians, artists, film makers, chefs, poets and the generally curious, from across the globe.

Don’t worry if you can’t catch the show live because later in October we will be releasing the entire week as a podcast series!

Listen to Soho Radio live here.


Monday 30 Sept – 12pm-2pm

  • What does it mean to be a gaymer? – A panel discussion about the highs and lows of being an LGBTQ gamer 
  • Kitty Powers LIVE! – We’re joined in the studio by the awesome drag queen developer herself, Ms Kitty Powers 
  • Find Your Player 2 campaign launch – we’re joined by two influential people to talk about the launch of Chappy’s new campaign 

Tuesday 1 Oct – 10am-12pm

  • Becoming an ethical publisher – we speak to the CEO of Modern Wolf, a brand new publishing house with a diverse ethos
  • Protecting LGBTQ gaymers online, what are companies doing? – a panel discussion about the need to protect LGBTQ people online and what companies are doing to help 
  • The increasing popularity of mobile gaming – we explore the growth of mobile gaming and ask, is it proper gaming? 

Wednesday 2 Oct – 10am-12pm

  • Careers in Gaming – a discussion with the CEO of Amiqus about working in the video games industry 
  • Getting into Gaming – a panel discussion with current LGBTQ students and recent graduates about their journey into the video games industry 
  • Meet the developer – a success story of someone who started at the bottom of the ladder and is now a senior member of staff at one of the UK’s most recognisable studios 

Thursday 3 Oct – 12pm-2pm

  • Telling LGBTQ stories in video games – we talk to two award winning video games writers from Fusebox Games about how authentic LGBTQ stories can be told in games 
  • What more can the video games industry do for LGBTQ workers? – a panel discussion about how companies can and do support their LGBTQ workers 
  • Ukie Equality Census – we talk to key people from Ukie about their new industry census 

Friday 4 Oct – 2pm-4pm

  • Importance of LGBTQ representation in video games – we talk about how well video games authentically represent the LGBTQ community and what more can be done
  • Life as a video game voice over artist – we talk to LGBTQ voice over artist Ryan Laughton about his work 
  • Stream on! – we chat with a well known LGBTQ streamer about the ups and downs of streaming


Highlights of Gayming Live include:

  • Discover the art of gaming – an exhibition of LGBTQ game artists
  • Pride Run preview & competition – check out the dance-tastic new game from Green Man Gaming
  • LGBTQ industry mixer – grab a drink and network with fellow industry professionals
  • Careers workshops – CV polishing and advice, courtesy of Amiqus
  • Ginny Lemon’s 8-Bit Drag Show – Video games meet drag queens
  • Writing for video games – Story writers from Fusebox Games will be offering top tips and ideas

These events are FREE to attend. The itinerary and locations can be found here –

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