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VALORANT leakers believe the game’s next agent is nonbinary

On March 18, popular VALORANT news and leaks account Valorant Updates made a post claiming that the next agent coming to Riot’s tactical FPS after Masters Madrid wraps up — currently known as Clove — will be a nonbinary character.

“Our New Agent Clove is non-binary,” the Valorant Updates account posted, alongside a graphic that depicts what we assume is the new agent’s hand with some kind of astral butterflies circling their fingers. Valorant Updates credited dataminer valohabercisi and content creator Yüksel Toksöz with the discovery.

Clove graphic with agent's name and hand holding butterflies
Image Source: Valorant Updates

The colors of the background and the butterflies in this image reflect both the transgender and bisexual flags, but don’t seem to have the nonbinary flag colors. It’s unclear currently if the colors are actually related, but if they are, the character may actually be a transgender and/or bisexual person rather than nonbinary.

Raze and Killjoy from Valorant kissing
Image Source: Riot Games

VALORANT already has some LGBTQ+ characters, as Raze and Killjoy are canonically either currently in a relationship, or were at one time. That said, Clove will be the first who isn’t cisgender, if this information turns out to be true.

VALORANT Masters Madrid graphic
Image Source: VALORANT Champions Tour

Clove is supposed to get an official reveal during the final day of the Masters tournament that is currently taking place in Madrid, Spain, until March 24, 2024. During that showcase, we should get to see not only what they look like, but what their utility kit will be and what pronouns they use. We may even get some lore new tidbits if we’re lucky.

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