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Valorant reveals Killjoy and Raze are queer and into each other

On Sunday, the official Valorant Twitter account posted art of two of its agents, Raze and Killjoy, kissing. Both of these agents are women, confirming that the pair are somewhere along the LGBTQ+ spectrum, and they are very fond of each other.

In the comments of the tweet, the Valorant account went on to confirm that the two are a canon couple. In response to Spanish CS:GO streamer Horcus asking “Raze x Killjoy?” with the blushing emoji, the Valorant account said “Raze x Killjoy” with a red heart emoji.

In the game world of Valorant, Raze (also known as Tayane Alves) is a Brazilian engineer who specializes in using explosives and paint to pack an absolute wallop. Many professional players in duelist roles are able to wreak havoc with her paint shell grenades and her target-locking, explosive boom bot. She used these chaotic weapons to drive the Kingdom Corporation out of Bahia, and was subsequently brought into the Valorant protocol.

Killjoy, Klara Böhringer, is a brilliant inventor from Germany. She made devices for the Kingdom Corporation before moving to the Valorant protocol, where she invented equipment like the absolutely vital spike defuser. She also became Brimstone’s protegee during her time with the organization. Using her mechanical capabilities, Killjoy employs sentry and turret robots to help her take control of the battlefield. Players use her sentinel kit to help their teams secure sites and win rounds.

The flow of in-game lore for Valorant has been relatively slow compared to a game like Apex Legends which releases at least one lore cinematic per new season, in addition to the Stories from the Outlands series. That said, as the game’s lifetime grows longer, more information about these characters and their relationships is starting to come to the forefront. The relationship between Raze and Killjoy in Valorant is an exciting development, and we hope to see more insight into these agents going forward.

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