Thursday, April 18, 2024

All of the LGBTQ+ characters in VALORANT

VALORANT, like many other live-service, first-person shooters, has an ever-growing roster of playable characters for players to choose from. Also in keeping with recent trends — see the Legends available in Apex Legends — the game has canonically LGBTQ+ characters in its cast.

So who are they? We’ve compiled a list to help you keep track, which we’ll update as the game does. As of the time of writing, there are only two confirmed LGBTQ+ identified VALORANT Agents, but hopefully that number will grow as the game’s lore continues to expand.

All of the LGBTQ+ characters in VALORANT


Klara “Killjoy” Böhringer is a brilliant inventor from Germany and serves as an agent for the VALORANT Protocol under the tutelage of its commander, Brimstone. She has invented several of the technological gadgets that the Agents use in their work, including the invaluable Spike defusers. Players are likely familiar with her cute, but deadly bots and quips about “German efficiency.”

Killjoy also makes up the calmer, more rational half of a queer couple that consists of her and Raze.


Tayane “Raze” Alves is a Brazilian engineer with a love for paint, explosives, and combining the two. Raze made her mark by using her skills to push the Kingdom Corporation out of their areas of operation in Brazil due to its negative environmental impact.

She also smooches German inventor Killjoy, according to official art from the VALORANT Twitter account.

Ty Galiz-Rowe

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