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The Symbiant Re:Union is now available on Itch.io

On March 1, HeartCoreDev announced that its NSFW sci-fi romance visual novel The Symbiant Re:Union is now available on indie game marketplace Itch.io.

“The Symbiant Re:Union is out on itch-io today!” HeartCoreDev wrote on Twitter. “Full 18+ version, and no patch needed! 😀 🤩🍑🍆✨😇💗🐙🔥🥰❤️‍🔥”

This game is an expansion of sorts to the original The Symbiant game. In that, we follow a human man named Danya who works with his alien friend Juniper on a transport ship that carts goods across the Milky Way. After a job gone wrong, their ship and bank accounts are totaled, so they basically have no choice but to accept when a lucrative job crosses their path.

Danya and Juniper are hired to transport another alien, a man who calls himself Brahve. While they travel, Danya sometimes hears strange noises in Brahve’s room and his curiosity begins to get the best of him. The game, which has two routes and four endings, follows Danya and Brahve as they delve into friendship and more along their journey.

The Symbiant Re:Union includes two short stories, both of which take place after the original game, specifically after two of its endings. Both contain spoilers for the original game, so be warned before playing.

The first story takes place on the planet Cayama and sees Brahve trying to get back together with Danya after breaking up with him. The second story takes place after the original’s happiest ending, and follows the team as they visit Brahve’s home planet of Odaria and meet his cousin. This story is more geared towards fans of the good good loving, as they stay at a hot springs resort and have several one-on-one scenes together.

Fans may want to jump on the opportunity to grab The Symbiant and The Symbiant Re:Union on a new platform, as the game has already struggled to stay available globally. Both the original game and expansion have been banned in Russia, and other countries with similar laws will likely follow suit, if they haven’t already.

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