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Lady Gaga finally knows what Fortnite is as she prepares to perform in-game

On February 20, Lady Gaga confirmed that she has finally learned what Fortnite is, as she will be doing an in-game show as part of the upcoming Fortnite Festival Season 2 on February 22, 2024.

The pop goddess achieved meme fame back in October 2019 when she posted the iconic “what’s fortnight?” tweet. Many gamers and gaming publications responded to the tweet, and many still reference it when making jokes about Lady Gaga or Fortnite.

But now five years later, the pop star has confirmed that she does, in fact, know what the global sensation battle royale is, tweeting out a correction of the spelling, along with a graphic to announce that she will be performing at Fortnite Fest on February 22.

Fortnite Festival is a “music-driven, rhythm-based game, and Epic experience” that players can experience in two modes. Both modes — Fortnite Festival Main Stage and Fortnite Festival Jam Stage — players can party with up to three other players (for a maximum of four in total).

In the Main Stage mode, you and your group can choose your instrument, set your difficulty, and play through a soundtrack of both licensed songs and Fortnite originals. Meanwhile, the Jam Stage mode is more freeform, allowing your party to create your own unique mash-ups by using Jam Loops, key selections, and manipulating the tempo. Fortnite Festival will feature an Opening Night Festival Pass, which will allow players to unlock both free and premium cosmetic items.

Lady Gaga will headline Fortnite Festival on February 22, 2024.

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