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In Apex Legends Season 20, Loba and Valkyrie have quietly broken up

Lobalore fans, rejoice; it looks like the advent of Apex Legends Season 20 has also brought the end of the romantic relationship between Loba and Valkyrie, though somewhat more quietly than their past drama has been depicted.

Loba and Bangalore were first hinted at in a comic during Season 9, and their relationship only developed from there. But no sapphic drama within a friend group is complete without a good love triangle, and Valkyrie was more than happy to step up as the interdimensional thief’s alternate suitor. Bangalore basically pushed Loba into Valkyrie’s arms at the end of that season by telling another Legend that the two of them were “just friends.”

By Season 13, Loba and Valk have gotten pretty cozy, to the point that it’s annoying Bangalore and influencing her decision to retire from the Apex Games. But no one in this game is free of secrets, and Valkyrie is no different. While they have a few seasons of being together in peace, things start to fall apart for Valkyrie and Loba during the Kill Code mini-series.

With secrets revealed and hearts broken by betrayal, we came away from Kill Code uncertain if these two would be able to survive. But now Season 20 has confirmed that their romantic partnership didn’t survive the aftermath.

In the new login transition, we see a conversation between Valk and Rampart:

Kairi sighs under the weight of a long year. “Not the ‘bar fly’ thing, the…’Celebrating Having A New Ex’ thing.”

“Ah. That.” Ramya thinks, then. “This is number two. At least your last break up got me a fabulous name for a fabulous weapon.”

“…Do NOT name a gun ‘The Loba’.”

This line is in reference to Rampart’s gun, Sheila, which is actually named after one of Valkyrie’s exes.

And thus, the Loba x Valkyrie romance is over, at least for now. Whether that stays the case remains to be seen, but those who ship the thief with Bangalore will likely be salivating at the possibilities this break up opens for their own OTP.

Ty Galiz-Rowe

Ty is a freelance games writer and esports expert.