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Baldur’s Gate 3 Patch 6 to improve smooching just in time for Valentine’s Day

On February 9, Larian announced that the latest patch for Baldur’s Gate 3, Patch 6, will launch next week and will include several fixes, including one for kissing animations. So, if you’re planning on spending Valentine’s Day with your fantasy partner, you should be able to enjoy it even more with this update.

“Love is in the air in Faerûn, and we’ve made improvements to locking lips with your romantic partner,” Larian wrote on Twitter. “Releasing next week, Patch 6 includes improved smooches, new camp idle animations, new Legendary Actions in Honour Mode, and plenty of bug fixes.”

“It’s a hefty one,” Larian added. “So we’ll be sharing the full patch notes on the official website – make sure to keep an eye out!”

This isn’t the first kiss-related fix Larian has had to make for its massive fantasy RPG. The game normally features an option to request a kiss from any companions you have romanced while you’re resting at camp. Each character has a unique kissing animation all their own; Karlach presses your foreheads together, Astarion smooches you passionately, and Wyll twirls you around like a ballroom dancer.

But for awhile there, Minthara was left out. Players could only give her a smooch during specific scenes along her romance path at first, but now, thankfully, you can kiss her all you want. Just be careful, because she doses her lips with poison to help build up your immunity.

Baldur’s Gate 3 Patch 6 will release sometime next week, just in time to celebrate this year’s Valentine’s Day.

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