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Wylde Flowers update brings Eury and her salon to Fairhaven

Wylde Flowers developers Studio Drydock have been teasing a brand new update with a new romance option, Eury, since last week.

Alongside Eury, the update would bring a hair salon storefront to the town of Fairhaven, where players would be able to customize Tara’s hair colour and style. Eury Sinclair, the owner of the establishment, would also be available as a romance option. And now, after a minimal wait, Eury is finally here (or will be on February 1st, depending on your time zones).

Now, we don’t know too much about Eury, outside of her name and profession, but thanks to content creator and streamer Eeowna, we’ve been able to piece together bits and pieces about what to expect in the next Wylde Flowers update.

Firstly, players will be able to gain access to Eury during the endgame section of Wylde Flowers. But she doesn’t just turn up out of the blue — you’ll have to have all the right materials to give to construction guy Parker before she arrives in Fairhaven. Once you do, the area will take a few days to be built and will stand just beside Cameron’s church.

Wylde Flowers Eury
Image Source: Studio Drydock

After the storefront opens, players who visit Eury will find out that she came to Fairhaven for a new start in life. That and Angus’ online bakery caught her attention. However, if there’s one thing that Wylde Flowers players will know, it is that many of Fairhaven’s residents have secrets. Is Eury’s reason for coming here truly so simple? Only time will tell.

Once visiting Eury for the first time, players will receive ‘The Mane Event’ quest that gives them the chance to get a free haircut. As we were able to glean from Eeowna’s VOD, there are 3 hairstyles to choose from — at first. Much like the other storefronts that Tara comes across, selling items to Eury’s hair salon will unlock further hairstyles.

All in all, Eury has already proven to add new life to Wylde Flowers. For a game released back in 2022, it’s great to see more additions coming to one of the more unique farming and life sims out there.

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