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Wylde Flowers teases new romance Eury for an upcoming update

Studio Drydock, the developer behind farming simulator (with a witchy twist) Wylde Flowers, is teasing a brand new romance option in their upcoming update.

Wylde Flowers took the world by storm when it released on PC back in 2022, and for good reason! While everyone and their mother is looking to appeal to gamers interested in farming sims, Wylde Flowers decided to make everything a little different by adding a lot of magical zest to the game’s narrative and gameplay. It was met with substantial success, and even took home a Gayming Award!

In this farming sim, players take on the role of Tara. After losing both her partner and job in the space of a week, Tara does the thing that every sensible person (who just so happens to be having a breakdown) would do: moves away from the city to head back to the island of Fairhaven where she grew up. Tara’s reason for moving to the island also has a purpose. Her estranged grandmother, Hazel Wylde, has fallen ill and needs help to look after the land that surrounds her home. So, as to be expected, the only answer is to get the hell out of dodge and find a change of scenery.

Tara’s story throughout Wylde Flowers is a wild (heh) one, and we won’t spoil you on the specifics. That being said, one of the many things you can do around Fairhaven is a simple one: fall in love.

Romance is very dynamic in this game — and, at times, outrageous in the best of ways. Currently there are 7 love interests available for Tara, but as of yesterday, that number is being teased to change sometime soon.

Wylde Flowers update
Image Source: Studio Drydock

As shared by Studio Drydock on Twitter (X), the developer teased that there’s someone else for Tara to find romance with in an upcoming Wylde Flowers update.

“Yes, she is romanceable,” the studio posted on Jan 24. What accompanied the tweet that has got our minds turning. The inclusion of a single rose. On one hand, this could be used to indicate that maybe the character is called Rose, but that seems too simple. Alternatively, it could just be social media showing off a flower because, uh, the game is called Wylde Flowers, get it? Others (who are perhaps a little delusional, like us) feel that this may indicate that Violet, one of the most requested NPCs to be turned into a love interest, might be turned into a romance option.

Regardless of these theories, all that we know as of now is that Wylde Flowers is bringing a new romantic love interest for Tara in an upcoming update. Which update remains to be seen.

Wylde Flowers is available to play now on Apple Arcade, PC, and Nintendo Switch.

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