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Twitch stops Drops farming across all games

On January 18, Twitch took to Twitter to officially announce that farming Twitch drops will no longer be allowed on the platform going forward.

On Twitch, certain streamers will have rewards or “drops” that viewers can collect as a gift for watching the broadcast. Drops are rewards created by the developers of the games to partner with streamers for the game’s community. These are particularly prominent during special events for games, like VALORANT tournaments or Apex Legends crossover events.

“Starting today, Drops farming won’t be allowed on Twitch, across all games,” the streaming platform wrote on Twitter. “While our current Community Guidelines say you can’t cheat Twitch rewards, including Drops, there’s been some confusion about how we enforce the policy. Drops are a fun way to earn rewards while hanging out with your community and favorite streamers. They can also help streamers build their audiences. We believe Drops farming undermines the purpose of Drops.”

Drop farming, according to Twitch, is the practice of claiming rewards from VODs, rather than from livestreamed content.

“As outlined in our Help Center, viewers are eligible to earn Drops rewards during livestreams, by watching their favorite streamers play select games. Viewers cannot earn Drops by watching VOD reruns, also known as Drops farming.”

The Twitch community guidelines elaborate further on this policy in the “Scams, Spam, and Other Malicious Conduct” section:

“Spam and other deceptive practices create a negative user experience, decrease trust in our service, and mislead viewers, creators, and advertisers. Any content or activity that disrupts, interrupts, harms, or otherwise violates the integrity of Twitch services or another user’s experience or devices is prohibited.”

Going forward, Twitch expects viewers to only collect drops from livestreams, and will not allow them to be collected from VODs.

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