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Boyfriend Dungeon is getting its very own TTRPG game

If you fell in love with the suave and smooth roguelike Boyfriend Dungeon when it was first released, you’ll be overjoyed to hear that there’s a TTRPG on the way.

Set to release December 2023, Boyfriend Dungeon: Life on the Edge is a TTRPG that lets up to 4 players (as well as their game master, known as the Master of Ceremonies) explore their inner psyche, confront their fears, and do the number one important thing: smooch swords!

In the original game, players took on the role of an original character who moved to the seaside town of Verona Beach for the summer to work as a dungeon adventurer. Along the way, you’re encouraged to meet people and go out on a few dates, with the particular twist being that the people you’ll be dating are, well, mostly swords of some sort.

In the Boyfriend Dungeon TTRPG, players can roleplay as their favourite swords from the original game or make up their own weapon-person to hack and slash their way throughout the campaign.

Boyfriend Dungeon: Life on the Edge includes:

  • The Core Rulebook (50 pages)
  • Character Sheet Templates (6, one for each different weapon type)
  • The Mini-RPG that acts as a quickstart guide (5 pages)

To play the game, all you’ll need is the above as well as two six-sided dice. And a healthy dollop of imagination to make things interesting.

Moreover, players do not need to be confined to the setting of Verona Beach. There are plenty of other locations and genres that will offer you different ways to play. Think Legend of Zorro, or even Star Wars if you want to broaden your horizons to what sort of weapons can be used in a Galaxy, Far, Far Away…

If you’re unsure on whether or not the TTRPG will feel distinctly Boyfriend Dungeon-like, then fret not. The game’s rules were composed by Maso Perez in coordination with Kitfox Games, just so everything feels familiar (but still unique) to players who enjoyed the video game.

To find out more about the Boyfriend Dungeon TTRPG, head on over to Steam.

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