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Boyfriend Dungeon surprise launches on PS5 for Valentine’s Day

On Tuesday Kitfox Games announced that its 2021 title Boyfriend Dungeon will launch for the PlayStation 5 console on February 14, just in time to enjoy some sexy dungeon crawling and dating for Valentine’s Day. The IGF award-winning dungeon crawler is now available on the PlayStation Store for $19.99, and includes the Secret Weapons DLC content in addition to the full-length main game.

In Boyfriend Dungeon players take on the role of a young adult who has recently moved into their cousin’s old apartment as a sub-letter after their cousin gets married. As a twenty-something with their own place and plenty of time on your hands, you get to enjoy everything the area has to offer, from shopping to boba, including meeting and potentially dating some of the locals, who also happen to be able to shapeshift into weapons that you can use in the dungeon underneath the local mall.

With the new content added by the Secret Weapons, Boyfriend Dungeon now has 10 weapon-people players can date, whose forms vary from a dangerous dagger, to a scintillating scimitar. The game allows players to choose their gender and pronouns, and offers multiple queer love interests to choose from. The game also goes into the darker side of dating and what can happen when people don’t respect your boundaries.

Boyfriend Dungeon has been available on multiple other platforms since its release, including PC, Mac, Nintendo Switch, and Xbox One. Now those who made the leap to next gen with the PS5 can get in on the dating and dungeon crawling action as well, complete with all the extra content added by the Secret Weapons update. If you’re looking for a seductive way to spend your Valentine’s Day, this game might be exactly what you need.

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