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Valkyrie and Loba are on the rocks in Apex Legends Kill Code part 3

On Monday, the third part of Apex Legends Kill Code released on YouTube, giving fans closure on what happened to Crypto after the cliffhanger part two left us on. There’s a lot of action packed into this slightly over four minute short, but it’s particularly of note for Loba/Valkyrie shippers, as the two seem to have hit a pretty significant turning point in their relationship during this video.

Loba and Valkyrie have been going through a rough patch across the storyline of Kill Code, as Kairi has been keeping a dirty little secret from her partner. To get Revenant to leave Loba alone once and for all, Valkyrie revealed the location of the robotic assassin’s missing head to him. Loba had taken and hidden the head as a way to take revenge on Revenant, keeping him from ever dying and prolonging his suffering. Valk knew Loba would see this as a betrayal, so she kept it hidden from her partner.

But like most big secrets, all of the work Valk has put into hiding this plot doesn’t mean it will stay a secret. The Legends decide to team up with Revenant to sneak into a Hammond facility and steal his head back so they can destroy it during Apex Legends Kill Code. Everyone agrees with this plan, except Loba, who still wants the robot to suffer in eternal life, but she goes along with the plan to get her hands on the head again. The heist obviously goes wrong, but the team manage to take the head.

During this sequence, Valkyrie sides with the other Legends, pushing to destroy the head. She also shares a nod with Revenant before voicing her decision, showing the two are still working together to make their deal come to fruition. Loba is shocked, but has to fight alongside the others to survive and have any chance at taking her prize. Just as the team get their hands on it, Eduardo Silva appears and uses Loba’s abandoned staff to create a black market and snatch the head back. He makes a clean getaway, leaving Loba screaming in frustration behind.

The short ends here, but the implications are clear: Valkyrie has sided against Loba in this confrontation, which will only read as a betrayal to the revenge-obsessed thief. Even without knowing the full extent that Valkyrie has conspired with Revenant, Loba will probably find Kairi’s actions unforgivable. If she lashes out and separates from the group, she may end up back in the arms of Bangalore — if she’s willing to help the thief in her revenge plot. It seems very likely that at least one more faction has entered the race for Revenant’s head, even if it ends up being a faction of one.

Ty Galiz-Rowe

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