Thursday, December 7, 2023
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Deltarune will be available for purchase sooner than expected

On Tuesday, developer Toby Fox posted an update about upcoming Undertale sequel Deltarune, which is going to be available to purchase sooner than we originally expected.

According to Fox, a friend of his recently play-tested the entire first three chapters of the game, which are now feature complete, and found that everything is working well so far.

“Obviously, releasing a game takes many more steps than just finishing the gameplay and graphics,” Fox wrote in the update post. “But, people are already transitioning back into working on Chapter 4. Everyone is very excited to work on the next part!”

“When we started Chapter 3, to be honest, it took a lot of trial and error to figure out how it would work. But, with Chapter 4, I already feel very confident about how we can progress.”

In addition to the updates on the game’s overall progress, Fox also announced that the development team have decided on a new release strategy for Deltarune.

“My original plan was to release Chapter 3, 4, and 5 together. However, the finish line of Chapter 5 is still pretty far off… and I don’t think anybody really wants to wait that long to release anything. Especially me,” Fox wrote. “So, new strategy: No more waiting for Chapter 5. Instead, we are going to focus on putting DELTARUNE out for purchase once we finish Chapter 4. That should make everything a bit more reasonable!”

“Chapter 4 already has a very substantial amount of cutscenes and enemy work done. Also, I’ve hired a new producer whose entire job it will be to speed up the overall game development for future chapters. So, I feel very optimistic about the next steps of this project, Fox wrote. “That being said though, I think I’m going to pause on more detailed development updates for now. Instead, I’ll just let you guys know if the development is getting close to completion, or if something funny happens.”