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Can you be gay in Eternights?

The apocalypse may be here, but that doesn’t mean romance — gay or otherwise — is off the table in Eternights.

Let’s set the scene: you’re a young adult guy who, alongside your best friend Chani, is looking for love in all the right places: dating apps. Only before you can truly get into it, the whole world gets turned upside down, and you have little choice but to band together with other survivors and figure out how to turn it back.

Sounds good? Great.

With such a tense situation, you would be forgiven for thinking that everyone is far too busy trying to save the world to hook up with one another. But that isn’t the case here. There are actually four different romance options for you, the player, to choose from in Eternights, and all are willing to put aside some of their time to get to know you better.

Eternights gay
Can you be gay in Eternights?

With four different romance options to choose from, you would hope beyond hope that one would include a same-sex option, and guess what? You’d be right. One of those four options is Yohan.

Be warned, details about Yohan will include some spoilers about the ending of Eternights. If you’d rather not know anything about Yohan’s involvement in the story, or anything about him, then click away now.

Yohan is first encountered during the early stages of Eternights during a dream sequence where you’re on a dock, surrounded by water. Does this make him the (literal) man of your dreams? Yes, yes it does.

You can flirt with Yohan from the get-go throughout each dream meeting, but will only be able to interact with him in person when he shows up during the very last act of Eternights. This is a sharp contrast to the other romance options (Yuna, Min, and Sia), who you can date and interact with throughout the first two acts. So, if you’re only interested in Yohan, be prepared to commit yourself to quite the slow-burn romance.

Eternights romance gay

Unfortunately, you’re also unable to enter combat with Yohan, who prefers to stay back on the train than fight it out with the zombie-like husks that have infected the rest of Japan.

That said, outside of the aforementioned incidents, Eternights doesn’t treat your protagonist’s relationship any differently than the girls. You can kiss, hold hands, and go on dates, just like the others. In a conversation with Lux, who teases that you only wanted to save the world in the first place because you wanted to pick up girls, players can also choose the option to say ‘and boys’ too. However, outside of that option, the protagonist’s interest in men is not commented on.

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