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Eternights Romance Guide: How romance works in Eternights

Eternights has often positioned itself as being inspired by Atlus’ Persona, and it’s not hard to see why, with how romance plays a significant part in this JRPG’s gameplay and narrative.

Unlike Persona, however, Eternights embraces its dating components from the get-go. You play as a young adult guy who, alongside his best friend Chani, is looking for love. Unfortunately, the apocalypse finds them first, and they are forced to band together with a group made up of a pop idol, track runner, scientist, and an immortal hybrid to try and save it. No pressure and all.

It isn’t all just running around and beating up bad guys, though. Players can form bonds with each and every character of the group, but it’s entirely up to you whether those bonds are romantic or not. You can even form multiple romantic relationships, but be warned: there is no polyamory in Eternights, so expect consequences if you do try to go down that route.

Eternights Romance Guide: Who can you romance in Eternights?

There are, overall, 4 different romance options to choose from in Eternights. These are:

  • Yuna
  • Sia
  • Min
  • Yohan

As an aside, if you were trying to get closer to your best bro Chani to give him a little smooch, we’ve got bad news: Chani simply doesn’t swing that way. That doesn’t mean you can’t form a meaningful relationship with him, though — just not a romantic one.

You can flirt with a few other characters (namely Lux and Aria), but nothing really comes out of this. If you’re looking for love, these are the only 4 options that you’ll be able to choose from.

Eternights romance
Eternights Romance Guide: How does romance work in Eternights?

As you continue to recruit and befriend your companions, you’ll also have time to get to know them in your main hub — the train. Once there, players can interact with their companions twice a day, once in the morning and once at night. The catch? You can only spend time with one person per activity before the hour moves forward, from day to night, from night to a new day.

It’s mandatory that players have a good idea of who they want to romance before committing, as getting to know your romantic interest through training or spending time together can take some time.

What’s more, you’ll need to improve yourself before you can fully appreciate and start to date properly. After all, each love interest directly correlates to one of the protagonist’s stats. These are:

  • Yuna – Expression
  • Sia – Acceptance
  • Min – Confidence
  • Yohan – Courage

While stats may not seem important in the art of love, that’s not the case for Eternights. Not only does increasing your stats help you with unlocking and improving your abilities, it also unlocks more ‘dates’ with each character. Increasing these stats isn’t exactly difficult, as each conversation and dialogue choice you pick will help improve a certain category. And if that’s not enough, players can train with Chani to improve each category too.

Once you’ve improved your stat to a certain level (also known as ranks), your relationship with your romantic interest is taken to the next level, and you’ll go on a date. This can be something as simple as going out to look at the stars, to battling through a horde of monsters that are looking to bring you down a peg or two. Either way, you’ll eventually reach the highest rank and officially be considered ‘dating’ whoever you choose.

Eternights Sia
Eternights Romance Guide: Romance during the ending of Eternights

Be warned. This section will contain spoilers for the ending of Eternights.

During the last act of Eternights, the player will be given the option to pick who they love the most. If you’ve been a naughty Nancy and have tried to wet your whistle with multiple people, you’ll have more options to choose from. If you haven’t, you’ll only have one option to choose from.

Your selection here matters as it will confirm who Umbra kidnaps and, ultimately, kills, during the endgame.

We won’t spoil what happens to your relationship afterwards, but be mindful of your decision and patient of what awaits you during the game’s epilogue. And maybe keep your phone’s QR reader ready. Just in case.

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