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Can you be gay in Amarantus?

Amarantus is the new visual novel from ub4q that follows a young man and his friends on a revolutionary road trip. After his home is burnt down and his parents are arrested, Arik is on the run. Deciding he doesn’t want to spend his days hiding in his wealthy friend’s stable, he decides to take the fight to the capital itself and is joined by his friends and a couple of strange add-ons. Along the way, you have opportunities to deepen your relationships with your companions, and so, we come to the ever-important question: can you be gay?

Can you be gay in Amarantus?

You can be gay in Amarantus! The main character, Arik, has one potential male romance option to choose from: your friend’s brother Márius. He’s a former sailor that seems to struggle with life on land, but hey, maybe you can fix him. You can also pursue the female companions if you want to, allowing for a bisexual experience if you’re looking for it.

That said, this isn’t a pure dating sim and characters aren’t necessarily going to reciprocate your feelings if you don’t approach them in the right way. Telling someone your feelings or even spending the night with them aren’t a guarantee of a fully fledged romantic relationship.

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