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Rom-com game Trouble Comes Twice releases this month

Trouble Comes Twice from Foxglove Games is set to release next week on PC.

Trouble Comes Twice is a romantic, visual novel game where you can choose to play as one of two, twin siblings – Jace and Hazel. The premise? Jace and Hazel are in their mid-20s and have come to a startling realization: they’ve never actually been in love before.

To rectify this heinous oversight on their part, the twins decide to make it into a competition: whoever gets a boyfriend/girlfriend first wins. Considering that this game is a romantic comedy, players should expect wacky hijinks, grave misunderstandings, lots of drama, and, of course, a heaping of romance.

There are two routes in this visual novel, with players getting the choice to either place as Jace or Hazel. Trouble Comes Twice is described as a “bisexual romcom” so you’d be correct in assuming that both Jace and Hazel both have same-sex love interests with their romantic options. Speaking of, these romance options are the bubbly girl-next-door Zoe, the flirty “bad boy” Cameron, the shy violinist Stephanie, and the stoic childhood friend Adrian.

Jace and Hazel will have the opportunity to romance all of the aforementioned love interests, with no character being locked off. That said, because the twins are two very different characters, players won’t have the exact same route – meaning there are 8 different routes to play through and with around 350,000 words too? Trouble Comes Twice is going to be a game you’ll not put down any time soon.

Other features include 16 different endings (ranging from dramatic to swoon-worthy), 8 epilogues, and 42 CG illustrations, and 9 chibi illustrations. There’s a lot there, but with the number of differences there, fans of the game will have no trouble getting stuck in.

Trouble Comes Twice releases on PC via Steam and on June 29. Will you be playing?

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