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What do Raze and Killjoy do on dates?

Riot Games recently confirmed that VALORANT Agents Raze and Killjoy are, if not an official couple, at least fans of smooching each other.

Given this and the multiple in-game voice lines and banner art pieces that show the two spending time together, it doesn’t seem like a stretch to assume the two have probably been on a few dates during their downtime from running operations. They’re a pretty eccentric pair, so I also have to assume these dates are interesting, to say the least.

What do Raze and Killjoy do on dates?


When Raze and Killjoy are on the same team, they have a voice line where Raze asks Killjoy if she wants to tinker after they finish up their current mission. Killjoy responds that she’s interested, but Raze will have to tell Brimstone if they end up breaking anything.

This immediately gave me the image of the two tech nerds messing around with gadgets in Clara’s workshop, stealing kisses while they invent and trying to hide from their boss when they inevitably blow something up.


You can’t tinker without supplies to do it! I have to imagine that on days off from the VALORANT protocol, Clara and Tayane heading into town to spend a casual afternoon shopping together. They’d stop by the electronics depot, obviously, before heading over to the hardware store to grab a few new gallons of paint. To wrap things up, they’d stop by the local candy store to pick out a pack of bubble gum to share.

Movie nights

Even geniuses need a break from the inventing and engineering grind. To relax, I picture the pair settling down on an old, but comfy couch to settle in for an action flick (if Tayane is picking) or a documentary (if Clara is in charge). The coffee table is covered in popcorn, way too much candy, and tiny robots. There are pillows everywhere, and our girls are happy.

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