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Ted Lasso S3E5 confirms main cast member is bisexual

On Tuesday, the fifth episode of Ted Lasso Season 3, “Signs,” debuted on Apple TV+, bringing plenty of new developments for the cast along with it, including confirmation that a key character is bisexual. The rest of this article will contain spoilers for the episode, so be warned.

We found out in a previous episode this season that one of the Richmond AFC players, Colin Hughes, is a gay man. This is confirmed when former journalist-turned author Trent Crimm sees him making out with his “pal” outside of the bar the team is at. In the latest episode, we get confirmation that another character in this cast is also part of the LGBTQIA+ community: Keeley Jones.

Keeley is the blonde PR ace who left Richmond to run her own firm during this season. Earlier on, we met her new boss, Jack, the woman who runs the venture capital firm that funded Keeley’s company. The two have immediate chemistry, but given how close and affectionate Keeley is with Richmond AFC boss Rebecca, it wasn’t exactly obvious if the vibes were genuinely flirtatious. But “Signs” gave absolute confirmation that the two are into each other as more than just friends.

One of the biggest hurdles Keeley has been facing in her new role is learning how to be the boss, even when it means making difficult decisions. This mainly manifests through her friend and co-worker Shandy, who while good at shoots and promotion, is ultimately not in line with Keeley’s values for her company. After dealing with Shandy’s retaliation for being fired (letting a baby sheep poop all over a conference room), which keeps Keeley and Jack from attending another disastrous Richmond game, the two share a drink and get a bit personal. This ultimately leads to Keeley making a move and kissing Jack, who happily reciprocates.

We end the episode with multiple changes looming over the cast, but this development, at least, seems to be a happy one, as we end with the two going to bed together.

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