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Gay character confirmed in Ted Lasso Season 3

In the third episode of Ted Lasso Season 3, Welsh AFC Richmond football player Colin Hughes (played by Billy Harris) starts his morning by getting ready and heading down to the kitchen, where we see him interact romantically with another man. This confirms what the show has previously hinted at, that Hughes is a gay man.

In this scene, the other man hands Hughes a cup of coffee when he enters his kitchen. When the football player leaves, this man asks: “Sex when you get back from Dubai?” The pair then kiss.

As Hughes drives away, he fives himself the following reassurance: “I am a strong and capable man.”

These scenes confirm what the show has previously gestured at, with Hughes mentioning the gay dating app Grindr in past seasons. That said, the footballer isn’t publicly out within the fiction of Ted Lasso, which will likely become a tension in the rest of this season. Hughes introduces his romantic interest to the rest of his AFC Richmond teammates at a restaurant as his “pal,” Michael. Later, a journalist who’s currently writing a book about the team, Trent Crimm (played by James Lance), sees Hughes and Michael kissing in an alley. This leaves viewers wondering what he’ll do with that information, and how Hughes will handle the outcome.

“We’ve known for a while that Colin was gay,” Ted Lasso creator and actor of coach Beard told RadioTimes.com. “It was just a matter of when we were going to finally get to that. It’s still a taboo in football, but there are more active players who are coming out. There was Josh Cavallo in Australia last year, Jakub Jankto in Czech Republic this year, and Jake Daniels at Blackpool. It’s just part of what’s happening in football. We may be a fake football club, but we’re trying to show a little bit of football reality here.”

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