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Serenity Forge reveals the second wave of Unpacking merchandise

If you’ve ever thought, ‘hmm, the world could probably use more Unpacking merchandise,’ then you’re not the only one. Serenity Forge, Witch Beam, and Humble Games have announced a brand-new batch of Unpacking merch, available for pre-order now ahead of its May 2023 launch.

Fans of the cozy moving sim can unpack some of the game’s cutest items to their own shelves. Check out the full collection below:

You can look at the second wave of Unpacking merchandise below.

Unpacking merchandise
Image Source: Serenity Forge
  • The Plushie Box T-Shirt  ($29.99)
  • Piggy Plush ($29.99)
  • Tiger Plush ($29.99)
  • Cool Duck Plush ($24.99)
  • Kitty Plush ($24.99)
  • Frog Plush ($24.99)
  • “Bluey” the Dragon Plush ($29.99)
  • Beetle Plush ($24.99)
  • Mama Hen Plush ($24.99)
  • Chick Surprise Box featuring one of nine collectible chicks ($14.99)
  • Complete Chick Plushie Set featuring the whole flock of Mama Hen and her nine chicks ($199.99)
    Currently 15% off for a limited time to celebrate the launch of wave 2
  • An 18×24 Angel Puppy poster from the 1997 Unpacking level featuring never before seen renders ($14.99)
  • An 18×24 Three Miles Home poster from the 2004 & 2007 Unpacking levels featuring never before seen renders ($14.99)
  • An 18×24 Antihero Poster featuring metallic reprinted signatures from the Witch Beam team ($14.99)
  • An 18×24 Unpacking key art poster ($14.99)
  • Your favorite new pouch, perfect for storing all your favorite knick-knacks ($12.99)
  • An achievement-inspired Sticker Sheet for you to award yourself or your friends in real life ($14.99)
  • A quality Stationary Set complete with everything you need to start your next hit story (Pen, Pencil, Journal, Ruler, Washi Tape) ($25.99)

“The response to the first wave of Unpacking merchandise was absolutely astounding, and we thank the fans of this incredible game for driving us to collaborate on a second wave of adorable collectible items,” said Zhenghua Yang, founder, and CEO of Serenity Forge. “Humble Games and Witch Beam are consistently wonderful partners, and we are delighted to continue to deliver high-quality collectibles for Unpacking fans around the world to treasure.”

“We made Unpacking by caring about the small details and not compromising on what was important to us, so it means a lot to work with a partner like Serenity Forge that shares these values,” said Wren Brier, Creative Director of Unpacking. “We’ve been deeply involved with the creative process, provided feedback and held prototype plush toys in our hands. Throughout it all Serenity Forge has supported and matched our commitment to creating physical goods we believe fans of our game will enjoy and hold dear.”

You can grab all of the Unpacking plushies, posters, and more on the Serenity Forge online store.

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