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Apex Legends Imperial Guard Collection Event starts March 7

The latest season of Apex Legends, Revelry, is in full swing, which means it’s also time for a new Collection Event; this season’s is called the Imperial Guard Collection Event and it runs from March 7-21.


Many fans have been waiting for this event update, as it is introducing the highly anticipated Mixtape mode playlist, which is a permanent playlist of rotating former limited-time modes Control, Team Deathmatch, and Gun Run. These modes are meant to offer players a quick way to warm up without having to commit to a sweaty Battle Royale or Arenas matches. The modes included in Mixtape will also become available in Custom matches on March 7.

Apex Legends Mixtape mode specifications
  • Players needed to start Battle Royale Mode: 30
  • Players needed to start Team Deathmatch mode: 12
  • Players needed to start Control Mode: 6
  • Players needed to start Gun Run: 6

Wraith’s Hope’s Dawn Kunai

Wraith was the first Legend to get their own heirloom with her original Kunai back in 2019. Since then, Apex Legends and its heirlooms have changed pretty significantly, so Respawn decided to give Wraith’s an update to match. Snagging this heirloom will give you access to all new animations, VFX, a Mythic emote, color variations, and a Mythic banner.

Apex Legends Imperial Guard Collection Event items

The Imperial Guard Collection Event will introduce 24 new event-specific items to the game. These can be unlocked with either Apex Coins or Crafting Metals, as well as in event-specific Apex Packs. To celebrate Apex Legends’ fourth anniversary, Crafting Metals prices will be reduced by 50% in the store. Players will also be able to craft the Imperial Guard Collection event items at half the normal cost. In practice, this means players will be able to unlock Legendary skins, or heirlooms like Wraith’s Hope’s Dawn Kunai for half of the usual price.

Respawn also announced that it is adding two Collection Event and three regular Apex packs to the rewards tracker so players can unlock the Hope’s Dawn Kunai even sooner. That said, players will still be able to earn up to 1400 points per day through the challenges that refresh daily. Those who unlock all 24 event items before the end of the event will automatically get the Hope’s Dawn Kunai.

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