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Wylde Flowers announces Violet’s Boutique update

On Wednesday Australian developers Studio Drydock announced that their witchy sim game Wylde Flowers is getting an expansive new update later in February. The developers haven’t announced an official release date outside of the month yet, but the update is called Violet’s Boutique and will add new features to the game like craftable outfits and a photo mode.

In Wylde Flowers, players follow a young woman named Tara who is working towards becoming a witch. She moves to the town of Fairhaven to help her grandmother out with her farm, and works towards achieving this dream. During the day, you’ll do all the usual cozy farming sim activities like raising crops, while you’ll spend your nights casting spells and building your relationship with your new coven. You’ll also become wrapped up in a local mystery and will set out to figure out just what’s going on around town.

Violet’s Boutique is a free update to Wylde Flowers that focuses on having Tara help her fashion-forward friend Violet open her dream boutique in Fairhaven. The update will give players access to new craftable outfits for Tara, will add a photo mode to the game, and will include other, currently unannounced features.

The Violet’s Boutique expansion isn’t the first major update Wylde Flowers has received. Last winter, Studio Drydock released the Endless Seasons and Romance update. This patch gave players the ability to change their in-game seasons at will, provided they’ve finished the main game. It also added extra time with the game’s love interests, like opportunities to take a walk together or visit the local bar or café. The update also added new interactions between Tara and her chosen love interest and new story content.

Those looking forward to the Violet’s Boutique expansion for Wylde Flowers can expect to see it release sometime this month.

Ty Galiz-Rowe

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