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Wylde Flowers update to add more romance and a change of seasons

Wylde Flowers, a farming life-sim with a witchy twist from developer and publisher Studio Drydock, has even more tricks up its sleeve for players. In an update coming out sometime this Winter, Wylde Flowers will receive even more content to spice up their romance, as well as a new feature to help in the changing of seasons.

In this game players take on the role of Tara Wylde, a young bisexual woman who travels back to the town of Fairhaven to help out her grandma and her farm. Along the way she gets roped into some pretty magical shenanigans that’ll leave her with no choice but to help out the other residents living in Fairhaven.

It isn’t just all quests and fulfilling orders though, Tara also has the option to get closer to some of the residents, such as hot doctor Amira Syed and the mysterious librarian, Westley. Play your cards right and you can even marry them. Though be careful, there can be some incredible drama surrounding some of your relationships depending on your choices!

Speaking to Gameshub, the developer revealed that they would be ending the year with a free Endless Seasons and Romance update.

With the new romance update, Wylde Flowers players will be able to experience more with their chosen love interest, such as being able to take a stroll together on the beach or in the woods, as well as hang out at popular date locations like Damon’s bar and Sophia’s cafe. There will also be new interactions between Tara and her love interest, and even more story elements.

Endless Seasons will allow players to change the season to whichever best suits them, though first they’ll need to have completed the game. With the change of seasons, players will be able to experience content that they perhaps missed their first time around while playing, and let’s be honest, who doesn’t just want to be stuck in summer all year long?

This new update for Wylde Flowers won’t be the last either. “People will see this update and there’ll be a big list of things they’ll be like, “But what about…?” and all I have to say on that is: watch this space.” Amanda Schofield, Studio Drydock’s Managing and Creative Director, told Gameshub.

Wylde Flowers is available to play now on Apple Arcade, PC and Nintendo Switch.

Aimee Hart

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