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Tom Taylor’s Superman will crossover with Injustice: Gods Among Us

On Monday, DC comics announced that Tom Taylor’s Superman series — featuring bisexual son of Clark Kent, Jon Kent — will crossover with the Injustice: Gods Among Us universe in upcoming issues. Taylor got his big break writing the original backstory comics for the DC fighting game of the same name in 2012. These Injustice comics ended up being viewed as one of the best tie-in comic series in DC history, eventually running for over 170 issues.

Taylor’s Jon Kent recently took over as the DC Comics universe’s reigning main Superman in his relaunched series Adventures of Superman: Jon Kent. The crossover with Injustice will take place as Jon chases a murderer through the multiverse. During this chase, he crosses paths with an evil, alternate version of Superman who decides to kill every version of Jon’s father, Kal-El. To save his father, Jon finds his way to the universe of Injustice, where Batman has set up a resistance against the totalitarian regime that world’s Superman instated after the Joker killed Lois Lane, Jon’s mother.

This set-up will certainly provide some juicy drama and tense story beats, as Jon’s presence in the world of Injustice and fascist Superman changes up what we know about the fighting game story pretty significantly. In that universe, Jon was never born as he died in the womb when Lois did. Showing up as a fully grown young man is obviously shocking for these characters, and is particularly difficult for the Injustice Superman, as he sees Jon as a symbol of what could have been.

“Injustice for me is a very troubled time. I had so much fun on that book. Obviously, I was on it for years,” Taylor said in DC’s news release. “But there’s a lot about Injustice that that rubs me up the wrong way. I don’t believe Superman, no matter what happens to him, can become that person. I don’t believe Wonder Woman becomes that person. So, for me, it’s a really interesting Elseworld.”

How all of this plays out will be revealed on March 7 in Adventures of Superman: Jon Kent #1 “Road to Injustice.”

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