Tuesday, March 5, 2024

Bisexual Superman Jon Kent isn’t going anywhere

On Tuesday, Sky News Australia posted a video in which Sky News host Rowan Dean claimed that DC was cancelling the run of new Superman Jon Kent because the franchise had “gone woke” and was selling abysmally. This was at best a misconstruing of the fact that Superman: Son of Kal-El is being relaunched after issue #18 as Adventures of Superman: Jon Kent, and at worst blatant misinformation, as the relaunch was announced on October 8 during the most recent New York Comic Con.

“I couldn’t be more excited for Jon Kent to headline the iconic Adventures of Superman,” said writer of Superman: Son of Kal-El and now Adventures of Superman: Jon Kent ,Tom Taylor, after the Comic Con announcement. “It’s a real testament to the fantastic response of fans to Jon as Superman. This series is going to be one of the most action-packed books I’ve ever written and Jon is going to be tested more than ever before. While we can tell you the Superman of Earth-2, Val-Zod, and Jon’s nemesis, Ultraman, will be key characters in the early part of Adventures of Superman, what we’re going to reveal at the end of issue #2 will have everyone talking and issue #3 launches us in a direction that no one will see coming.”

Taylor also responded to the Sky News video on Twitter, posting a screenshot of the Amazon top-selling comics and graphic novels, where Superman: Son of Kal El #16 is sitting in the number one spot.

“Not cancelled. Jon Kent’s solo title is being renamed ‘Adventures of Superman: Jon Kent’. so Jon has an iconic Superman series to himself and to include his name in the title,” Taylor wrote. “As for sales, let’s check what the #1 selling comic is on Amazon right now… oh. Try reporting facts.”

Ty Galiz-Rowe

Ty is Gayming Magazine's deputy editor and esports expert.