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Boyfriend Dungeon drops surprise DLC with Secret Weapons

It’s felt like years since we had the chance to jump right back into Boyfriend Dungeon, but now seems like the best time with Kitfox Games surprise dropping new DLC for the game – Secret Weapons!

This new DLC from Kitfox Games delivers the final pieces of content promised to players via Boyfriend Dungeon’s Kickstarter stretch goals. This content is a brand new dungeon for players to hack and slash their way through, as well as three new romanceable weapons added to the cast. If cash is feeling a bit tight lately too, then you don’t have to worry: as long as you own the base game, this DLC is absolutely free and can be enjoyed the moment you start a new game, or continue with an old save.

The three romanceable weapons introduced in this update is Jonah the Axe, Leah the Hammer, and the mysterious Dr Holmes, the whip. Jonah was introduced in the original storyline of the game, and was even hinted to be a romance option, but ultimately couldn’t be romanced further. Leah is a new addition, but we’re happy to hammer our frustrations out on our enemies!

Dr Holmes however is something else entirely. Designed by CEO and Creative Director at Unseen Inc Ikumi Nakamura (Ghostwire: Tokyo), Holmes uses she/they pronouns, and is the secretive final boss of the new dungeon. Holmes is also voiced by content creator and streamer Kathleen ‘Loserfruit’ Belsten.

Alongside these new characters and dungeon, new music tracks from Marskye (who composed the OST for Boyfriend Dungeon) and Madeleine McQueen will be added to the game and are available to stream or purchase on your favourite streaming service, or digital marketplace.

Boyfriend Dungeon’s one year anniversary was only a few days ago, and while the game didn’t come without some criticism directed at it, the game has mostly been regarded positively. With this new DLC being the game’s first big update, we’re certain that we won’t be the only ones carving some time out to smooch weaponry before the day is out.

Boyfriend Dungeon: Secret Weapons is available now on Nintendo Switch, Xbox One, Xbox Series X/S, as well as PC on the Epic Games Store, Steam and Windows 10.

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