Thursday, July 18, 2024
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Apex Legends gets tabletop adaptation

Glass Cannon Unplugged announced that it will be making an official tabletop adaptation of Respawn’s battle royale, first-person shooter Apex Legends called Apex Legends: The Board Game. The game will be funded via an upcoming Kickstarter campaign.

Apex Legends: The Board Game will condense the huge lobbies that normally make up the video game’s core mechanic into a two-to-four player, team-based board game. Players still choose to play as one of the Outlands’ famous Legends, the in-game characters fans have come to know and love. Once they’ve chosen who they will play as, players are dropped onto the map and have to fight to be the last team standing. It will apparently take about an hour to complete a match in this board game.

According to Glass Cannon Unplugged, the publisher has spent two years working to create “an inspired new way to recreate the hero shooter experience at the game table.” This studio is no stranger to adapting video games to the physical table, as it has previously made TTRPG versions of survival management sim Frostpunk and first-person, action-survival game Dying Light. Co-founders Jakub Wiśniewski and Michał Ozon also adapted This War of Mine into a board game.

“The original game engine and innovative framework […] authentically captures the voice and imagination of Apex Legends, bringing the stakes, thrills, and unforgettable kills of the hero shooter experience to life,” Glass Cannon Unplugged said in a press release.

Glass Cannon Unplugged hasn’t released much more information about its Apex Legends tabletop adaptation, but the publisher has described it as “not just a single game,” but a whole game system built around “an innovative combat system” and “endless replayability.” According to the publisher, this adaptation is “an accessible, easy-to-learn experience for new board gamers, balanced with a depth and scale to satisfy core players.”

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