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Fire Emblem Engage Romance Guide

Fire Emblem Engage just released last week and already people are asking the most important of questions: is there still romance options like in previous games? Who can I romance? And, more importantly, can you be gay? Fret not, our Fire Emblem Engage romance guide seeks to answer all of those questions.

In Fire Emblem Engage, players take on the role of Alear, a mighty warrior who is also known across the world as The Divine Dragon. After being asleep for 1000 years, they are awoken to complete one special task: defeat the Fell Dragon Sombron.

Along the way, Alear meets an incredibly large cast of characters with unique personalities who wish to join you on your quest. As with all Fire Emblem games, you can get closer to them throughout your quest, leading you make ever-lasting connections, both romantic and platonic.

But how do you get closer to your new-found friends? We’ve got all the answers you need.

Fire Emblem Engage Romance Guide
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Fire Emblem Engage Romance Guide – Who can you romance in Fire Emblem Engage?

Fire Emblem Engage said ‘this one is for you gays’ because, unlike in Fire Emblem: Three Houses, players are able to romance whoever they like (barring minors and a few other platonic options), regardless of what form they pick. This means that no matter what, the same options for Male Alear are available to Female Alear.

As mentioned above, not all of these characters are interested in Alear as a lover, and some S-Supports will be platonic. We’ve listed below everyone who has an explicit romantic ending with Alear, as well as those who are looking for a more platonic partnership with the Divine Dragon.

Fire Emblem Engage Romantic S-Supports
  • Alfred
  • Bunet
  • Chloe
  • Citrinne
  • Diamant
  • Goldmary
  • Ivy
  • Jade
  • Kagetsu
  • Lapis
  • Louis
  • Mauvier
  • Merrin
  • Panette
  • Pandreo
  • Seadall
Fire Emblem Engage Platonic S-Supports
  • Alcryst
  • Amber
  • Anna
  • Boucheron
  • Celine
  • Clanne
  • Etie
  • Fogado
  • Framme
  • Hortensia
  • Jean
  • Lindon
  • Rosado
  • Saphir
  • Timerra
  • Vander
  • Veyle
  • Yunaka
  • Zelkov

It may suck that not everyone is eager to get with your avatar, but hey, that’s just like real life isn’t it? And it is already a steady improvement over how Fire Emblem: Three Houses handled same-sex romance options.

Fire Emblem Engage Romance Guide
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Fire Emblem Engage Romance Guide – How can you achieve S-Support with your companions?

Achieving the S-Support of your dreams may sound hard at first, but it actually becomes much more simple as you progress throughout the game.

The easiest way to achieve support points with your companions is through combat. Position Alear next to your character of choice and battle enemies together and, if you successfully slay the competition, you and the unit you’re positioned next to will earn support points. You can tell when you’ve earned support points because your units will receive a small heart pop up.

Other ways are through gifts. You can find gifts over at The Somniel, which acts as your base of operations in Engage, but for the first 13 chapters you can only find things such as ‘Pretty Pebble’ and ‘Horse Manure’ (we we suggest you don’t give to anyone, unless you really hate them). After chapter 13, however, a flea market comes to The Somniel which offers gifts like ‘Training Weights’ and ‘Tea Leaves’ among other things.

Get your favourite character up to support rank A via these methods, and then you’ll be ready to wife/husband them up as soon as you grab the Pact Ring.

Fire Emblem Engage Romance Guide – How to get the Pact Ring

Fire Emblem Engage romance doesn’t work quite the same as Fire Emblem: Three Houses. While in that game you’re able to propose your love to your favourite character during the endgame, the option to propose can happen as soon as Chapter 23. That’s right, you don’t have to wait too long to make your love known!

But first you’ll need to find the Pact Ring. This ring unlocks via a Paralogue called The Connector. The paralogue is located in Lythos Castle, the area where you first started your adventure and met your mother, Queen Lumera. It seems, for whatever reason, that the ring is special in a very different way to the Emblem rings you’ve been collecting.

Once you’ve completed the Paralogue, making sure to defeat the enemy who is holding the Pact Ring in their possession, the ring itself will be placed in Alear’s bedroom bedside table. Previously if you had gone up to the table and interacted with it, it would indicate that something significant was missing. This significant thing is the Pact Ring.

With the Pact Ring now in your posession, go forth and confess to your favourite character and reach that all-important S-Support.

Fire Emblem Engage Paired Endings
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Fire Emblem Engage Romance Guide – Are there paired endings in Fire Emblem Engage?

One of the more popular features in previous games was that of Paired Endings. These are endings that can occur between characters who are able to reach A-Support with one another, and are usually quite romantic. For example, characters Dorothea Arnault and Petra MacNeary in Fire Emblem: Three Houses are given a romantic paired ending if they are one another’s closest allies and have reached A-Support with one another by the end of the game. In fact, each character in that game gets their own ending.

This isn’t the case for Fire Emblem Engage. While characters do get their own endings, they are singular and do not focus on other people as a pairing or coupling outside of Alear and whoever they’ve chosen as their S-Support.

While this might be disappointing for players who perhaps aren’t as fond of avatar romances, there are still plenty of different ways to see how characters interact with one another by placing them together in battle, as well as making them duel one another in the Arena.

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