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That’s Underrated: Petra and Dorothea from Fire Emblem Three Houses

In spite of the big F U given to gay men by Fire Emblem Three Houses, I won’t lie and say that I didn’t enjoy it an awful lot. It’s not even a year yet, but I have a feeling Fire Emblem and the relationships made within that game will not be leaving my mind soon. Particularly the relationship between Petra and Dorothea.

Like almost all underrated couples in this series, Petra and Dorothea are not the main characters within the game but play a significant part in the shaping of the world of Fodlan, the continent and overall setting of Fire Emblem Three Houses.

While the relationship between Dorothea and Petra needs to be nurtured by the player in order to bear fruit, it’s hard to deny the romanticism behind being swept off your feet by an actual princess after all. Particularly as Dorothea, a commoner that started her life as an abandoned orphan thanks to her rich father, spends the majority of the first part of Fire Emblem trying to find a husband that has money to look after her when she grows old. Dorothea does not like doing this at all

Petra and Dorothea

Petra, on the other hand, is a prisoner of war that while does not fault those hailing from the Empire that is within her house, does hold resentment to how the Empire has treated her people. Neither Dorothea and Petra hold any love for the Imperial nobility, and it’s something both comment on during their B support.

But ultimately, what draws my attention to Dorothea and Petra are both of them have had such rough lives that would have rightly caused anyone to close up, yet they are each other’s confidant throughout Three Houses and share a mutual respect for the other. Petra does not try to shame Dorothea for wanting to marry into money, and neither does Dorothea try to negate Petra’s feelings.

In a game which could do a lot better – and not just with LGBT diversity, racial too – Dorothea and Petra feel much like a mug of hot chocolate – warm and cozy.

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